76th Invitational Four Ball Information Center




July 22nd – 25th 2021

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Thursday- Qualifying for all 104 teams, Top 40 teams will attempt to qualify for Championship flight, low 16 scores qualify. The next 8 teams go into Second Flight, next 8 teams go into Third flight, and final 8 go into Fourth Flight (USGA Method Match of Cards to determine flights and seeds. ).

Qualifying Format May Be Altered Due to Weather. In Championship Flight lowest 16 teams will be put in Championship based on combined handicap index if qualifying is cancelled due to weather. All other flights teams will be seeded by handicap as well in the event of qualifying not being completed.

Flights Five through Ten will qualify for seed within your flight. (In case of ties, the USGA Method Match of Cards will be used.)

The bottom 16 teams will qualify for either Eleventh or Twelfth; Flight Twelve will be a handicapped flight (USGA Method Match of Cards to determine flights in case of ties). Each flight will have 8 teams with the exception of Championship Flight which will have 16 teams after Thursday. Championship Flight will play a match on Friday and the winners move on in Championship Flight with losers going into First flight. Ties decided by match of cards.

Friday through Sunday – Match Play

Four Ball Schedule of Events:

Thursday July 22nd

-Qualifying round for all flights

-Skins Game

-Closest to the Pin Holes #2 and #15

Friday July 23rd

-Match Play for all Flights

-Closest to the Pin Holes #2 and #15

Saturday July 24th

-Match Play for all Flights

-Closest to the Pin Holes #2 and #15

-Championship Flight Semi – Final Match

Sunday July 25th

-Match Play Finals for all Flights

-Closest to Pin Holes #2 and #15

-Special Medal Two Ball for all eliminated teams and Skins Game

Each player will receive Meal ticket for (2) lunches and (1) dinner, which can be used at your convenience


U.S.G.A. rules govern play except when modified by local rules

Country Club of Greenfield Pro Shop: 413-773-7530 – Contact for Rules Official – USGA Rule 2-5

1. Blue Tees: Championship, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Flight

White tees – All other Flights

2. Lift, Clean and Place within one club length in your own fairway.

3. Out of Bounds - defined by inside points, at ground level, of white stakes and fence post. Rule #18

4. Penalty Areas - defined by yellow stakes and red stakes.

5. Abnormal Ground Conditions - Defined by white lines. French drains and crushed stone are deemed abnormal .all cart paths and service roads, cart guard rails, staked trees, irrigation box on 17th hole. The obstruction must interfere with swing or stance.

6. Discontinuance of Play - a suspension for a dangerous situation shall be signaled by one prolonged air horn note. Two short notes shall signal resumption of play.

  • All players are responsible for their tee times and starting holes.

Please report to starter and CORRECT TEE, 10 minutes before your tee time.

7. The tournament committee can alter the format for weather if necessary.


9. Please be respectful of your fellow competitors playing in matches regarding excessive noise and cart movement AS EITHER A SPECTATOR OR A COMPETITOR.

10. Due to size of field, speed of play will be monitored very closely. First offense warning will be issued. Second offense will result in a penalty, Stroke Play – two strokes, match play – loss of hole. USGA Rule 6-7

Divisional Payoffs (All divisions: Eight teams per flight)

Pro Shop Credit (per team)

Champion $ 550.00

Runner-Up $ 350.00

Consolation Champion $ 240.00

(Championship flight will have16 teams, those who lose in semis will get

$ 100 team in pro shop credit)

Low qualifying team in each flight $ 50.00 pro shop credit,

Top 40 1.$100.00 2. $50.00 3. $50.00

Special Medal Pool for Sunday $ 300.00 total pool in pro shop credit, Plus CASH SKINS GAME(EXTRA BUY IN)

2021 Flighted Tee Times (104 Teams)
Championship Flight Seventh Flight
Friday 12:16 - 1:20 1st Tee Friday 8:12 - 8:36 10th Tee
Saturday 7:00 - 7:24 1st Tee Saturday 12:16 - 12:40 1st Tee
Saturday 1:52 - 2:00 1st Tee Semi Finals Sunday 11:24 - 11:32 1st Tee
Sunday 7:32 - 7:40 1st Tee Consolation
Sunday 1:24 - 1:32 1st Tee Eighth Flight
Friday 7:32 - 7:56 10th Tee
First Flight Saturday 12:48 - 1:12 1st Tee
Saturday 8:36 - 9:00 10th Tee Sunday 11:08 - 11:16 1st Tee
Sunday 7:00 - 7:24 1st Tee
Sunday 1:08 - 1:16 1st Tee Ninth Flight
Friday 7:00 - 7:24 10th Tee
Second Flight Saturday 1:20 - 1:44 1st Tee
Friday 1:28 - 1:52 10th Tee Sunday 10:44 - 10:52 1st Tee
Saturday 7:32 - 7:56 1st Tee
Sunday 12:52 - 1:00 1st Tee Tenth Flight
Friday 7:00 - 7:24 1st Tee
Third Flight Saturday 12:32 - 12:56 10th Tee
Friday 8:44 - 8:52 1st and 10th Tee Sunday 10:28 - 10:36 1st Tee
Saturday 8:36 - 9:00 1st Tee
Sunday 12:36 - 12:44 1st Tee Eleventh Flight
Friday 8:12 - 8:36 1st Tee
Fourth Flight Saturday 1:36 - 2:00 10th Tee
Friday 12:16 - 12:40 10th Tee Sunday 10:12 - 10:20 1st Tee
Saturday 7:32 - 7:56 10th Tee
Sunday 12:20 - 12:28 1st Tee Twelveth Flight
Friday 7:32 - 7:56 1st Tee
Fifth Flight Saturday 1:04 - 1:28 10th Tee
Friday 12:48 - 1:20 10th Tee Sunday 9:56 - 10:04 1st Tee
Saturday 8:04 - 8:28 1st Tee
Sunday 11:56 - 12:04 1st Tee
Sixth Flight
Friday 1:28 - 1:52 1st Tee
Saturday 8:04 - 8:28 10th Tee
Sunday 11:40 - 11:48 1st Tee


$ 120.00 buy in per team (optional)

payoffs will be:

Flight Winner-50% of Pool

Flight Runner Up – 30% of Pool

Consolation Winner -20% of Pool

Skins and Closest to Pin

Skins will be Thursday / Friday /Saturday, Thursday all 18 holes , Friday and Saturday holes 8/9/17/18 will not count. Skins flights will be Champ./1st/2nd/3rd /4th/5th in one pool , all other flights in another pool.

Closest to Pin will be holes #2 and #15 each winner will receive a prize.

Cost for Skins and Closest to pin will be $80.00 team for all three days.

Sunday Special Medal Skins is a extra buy in $20.00

Accepted Entries as of 6/30/21 :

Partner 1 Partner 2
Adam Lussier Sam Lussier
Alec Meikle Derek Hoy
Alex Kielb Bryan Pelchat
Alex Towne Matt Llewelyn
Anthony Jung Jeff Humphrey
Anthony Labbe Marc Labbe
Art Ackerman Dean Desreuisseau
Bill Luippold Dan Gavin
Bill Young Bob Martin
Brodie Conant Drew Conant
Bruce White Andy Rogers
Cam Merrigan Pat Merrigan
Carl Hoynoski Tim Brandl
Casey Fahey Rob Hawkins
Chester Conant Lawrence McManus
Chip Warren Randy Emerson
Chris Zukowski Cody Snow
Chris Austin Andy Lesenski
Chris Demers Shaun Fleming
Christopher Bourbeau Garrett Cousineau
Chuck Yetter Jason Conant
Connor Piecuch Craig Difranco
Dan Landau Devin Cichowski
Dan O'Connell Corey Lovett
Darren Brennan Joe Oddo
Dave Mota Gabe Mota
David Donoghue Sam Wolanske
David Perlmutter Patrick O'Donnell
David Ballas Joe McManus
Dennis Booska Cody Booska
Doug Riel Tim McKenna
Doug Hanieski Mikey Corduff
Eric Adams Kevin Shea
Fred Gohr Justin Wiernasz
Greg Montgomery Jason Kelley
Hank Champagne Mike Devlin
Hugh Barber Jared Barber
Ian Herzig Ryan Martin
Ike Purington Mike Andrews
Jake Simpson Norm Burns
Jake Willis Reece McLeod
Jake Morris Chris Connelly
Jamie Covey Brady Booska
Jason Goodhind Garrett Hasanbasic
Jason Kelton Jamie Crocker
Jason Yuryan Keith Savoie
Jason Liimatainen Pat Chase
Jay Nomakeo Chip Vignone
Jay Currie Andy Wroblewski
Jeffrey Walker Scott Martin
Jeffrey Houle Rick Wisell
Jerry Derubbo Brian O'Connor
Jim McHugh Dave Collette
Jim Grassi Paul Labbe
Joe Wilson Chris Ferriter
Joe Groth Jeff Robidoux
John Stacy Dennis Rabtor
John Dempsey Ryan Deville
John Soltys Ryan Cote
John Missale Paul Viens
John Wilkes Jeff Jackman
Joshua Harker Jason Spencer
Justin McCloud Clint McCloud
KC Finley Jarrod Goss
Keegan Downie Ryan Sullivan
Keith Schempp Dave McDonald
Kevin Bagge Mike Lavalle
Kevin O'Connell Matt Pitoniak
Lee Craig David Koritkoski
Mark Castelhano John Simanski
Mark Kennedy Tom Helbig
Matt Fletcher Lance Gouger
Matt Zraunig Todd Thibodeau
Matthew Woodard Brian Mendes
Michael Squires David Washburn
Michael Gilbert Matt Gilbert
Michael Hall Dale Parda
Michael Duclos Michael Duclos Jr.
Mike Johnson Max Wolanske
Mike Covey Rich Young
Nate Burdick Dave Kennedy
Nelson Tereso Kevin McKenzie
Nick Marscher Jon Atkins
Patrick Grogan Al Dean
Patrick McGuire Sean Bayer
Paul Barnard Bill Betsold
Paul Denofrio Matt Grayson
Pete Kuzmeskus James Bozek
Robbie Haigh Michael Williams
Roberto Capra Bill Conant
Sam Clarke Chris Robbins
Scott Dorval Douglas Taylor
Scott Stacy Jason Miller
Steve Colby Kyle Norwood
Steve Jones Chris Varrily
Terry Sinclair Tom Rogers
Terry Blanchard Mike Archer
Thomas Herzig Matt Matroni
Tim Joncas Tim Gerges
Tony Castelhano Jim Desrocher
Tony Wonseski Roy Emerson
Walter Riopel Dan Wadsworth
Will Conant Sam Conant
Zachary Bitzer Mark Graves