Live Scoring and Local Rule Sheet



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U.S.G.A. rules govern play except when modified by local rules

Please play the tee's you've been assigned

Preferred Lies: If a player’s ball lies in your own fairway, the player may

take free relief once by PLACING the ball within ONE CLUB

LENGTHS that is not nearer the hole than the spot of the original ball and is in the General Area. The ball may

also be cleaned when lifted.

If necessary Championship Flight playoff will be holes 1-2-18, to determine overall Champion aggregate score of the 3 holes. All other flights will be sudden death playoff. Top 10 will qualify for the Franklin Cup; sudden death playoff will ensue if multiple players tied for 10th place.


Out of Bounds: Defined by the inside edge at ground level of all white stakes, white lines and boundary fence posts.

Hole #1 – Left & Over Green

Hole #5 – Over Green

Hole #10 – Left

Hole #12 – Right of Green

Hole #13 – Over Green

Hole #14 – Left

Note: A ball which crosses an area defined as Out of Bounds and comes to rest beyond that area is Out of Bounds, even though it may lie

on another part of the course.

Red Penalty Areas: Defined by red lines. In the absence of a line, the stakes define the edge of the penalty area.

Hole #2 – Left

Hole #4 – Front of Tee

Hole #7 – Left of & Over Green

Hole #8 – Front of Tee

Hole #9 – Right

Hole #12 – Right of Green

Hole #13 – Left & Right

Hole #14 – Crossing

Yellow Penalty Areas: Defined by yellow lines. In the absence of a line, the stakes define the edge of the penalty area.

Hole #5 - Front of Tee

Hole #6 – Front of Tee

Hole #9 – Front of Green

Hole #12 – Front of Green

Abnormal Course Conditions: All cart paths (paved or unpaved), roads (paved or unpaved), their immediate extensions/adjacent worn areas and

white lined areas tying into paths. Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.

Note: When crossing railroad tracks, only cross at marked crossing.

Ground Under Repair: Areas enclosed with white painted lines are considered GUR. Relief may be taken under Rule 16.1.

Integral Objects: All stonewalls and rock outcroppings are integral objects, relief without penalty is NOT permitted.

Discontinuance of Play - a suspension for a dangerous situation shall be signaled by one prolonged air horn note. Two short notes shall signal resumption of play.

  • All players are responsible for their tee times and starting holes.

Please report to starter 10 minutes before tee time.

The format may be altered due to weather if necessary.


Rules Questions can call 413-773-7530

junior league

New For 2020 all PGA Junior League participants will receive a free Junior Golf Membership

at the Country Club of Greenfield

The Country Club of Greenfield is proud to announce that we will be participating in the PGA Junior League again this year.This year team is coached by Assistant Golf Professinal and Greenfield High School Golf Coach Josh Cook.

The past three seasons have been extremely successful.

PGA Jr. League is shifting the perception of youth golf and the way the game is learned and played. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching and instruction from PGA Professionals. It’s a game changer, and we’re so excited to offer PGA Jr. League at Country Club of Greenfield!

Greenfield’s PGA Jr. League program is open to boys and girls ages 17 and under (17-14 & 13-Under Divisions) of all skill levels – no golf experience required! Kids will learn the game and enjoy competition in a two-person scramble format that encourages mentorship, builds confidence and teaches sportsmanship. Please watch this PGA Junior League video.

Country Club of Greenfield PGA Junior League sign up is Now OPEN:



Each PGA Jr. League Golfer will receive:

·Two high-quality team jerseys (for home and away games). Jerseys are available in boys and girls sizes and customizable with our team name and player’s chosen jersey number!

·T-shirt, hat, bag tag, stickers and drawstring bag

·4-6 team practices Starts early May ends in Late June

·4-6 regular season matches Starts in early May ends in Late June

  • FREE Country Club of Greenfield Membership

·Opportunity to advance to All-Star teams during post-season

Total Cost includes all of above $175.00.(Fee waiver available if needed)

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Piecuch, PGA at . You can also visit and follow @pgajrleague on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

We look forward bringing everyone together for a fun season at Greenfield!

If needed Playoff to determine overall Champion we be a USGA recommended method of matching cards will be used. Matching cards is to determine the winner on the basis of the best score for the last nine holes. If the tying players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 18th hole. If this method is used in a competition with a multiple tee start, it is recommended that the "last nine holes, last six holes, etc." is considered to be holes 10-18, 13-18, etc.